26 August 2014

A Couple of Generous Stacks of Custom Allen & Ginter Minis

Shortly after buying the custom Allen & Ginter minis in my previous post, I won another auction from the same seller for a C.C. Sabathia mini. He included a few other minis in the package. I am pretty sure my favorite one of the bunch is that Kevin James card, but Jose Fernandez and Hunter Pence aren't bad cards either. It turns out that this eBay seller is actually the guy who designed and made the minis, although there are other people out there with auctions featuring a handful of his custom cards.

To add to the fun, after my post about the first group of custom Allen & Ginter cards I purchased, a mystery envelope arrived in the mail. It included a pile of minis from the set, including players from the PC list on my blog. It also included a nice note thanking me for featuring the minis on my blog. Pretty cool stuff. I've got an extra Spider-Man card now, so I will probably be running my first contest on the blog pretty soon centered around that theme.

The note also mentioned that there would be some new designs coming out soon, including Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a Texas Rangers uniform. I've been watching his eBay listings for the new designs, as well as a couple of cards that I missed out on the first time through. Sorry for the poor quality of the scans. The cards are much better in person, but these scans were part of the batch that I did before fixing my scanner settings. 

In addition to players taken from my favorite players list, I also got a rare on-card autograph of the custom designer himself. No sticker autos or redemptions in this product! I do not think he has a blog, but I could be wrong about that.

Thank you for the cards, Ryan! They are definitely appreciated. I'll be watching the auction listings for those new releases you mentioned, and if you happen to post another Upton card I'll be bidding on that, too. I planned on taking you up on your 2nd-chance offer, but I got busy and by the time I got back to it the offer had expired.


  1. I think that Chris Reed of the Nachos Grande blog is pals with Ryan -- I've gotten a couple of those A&G minis in trade packages from him.

  2. Thanks again for the kind words, and I'm happy you liked those extras I sent you from your player wants list. Keep your eyes peeled for the Russell Wilson as it (and a few others) have been completed.

    1. I usually check your eBay page at least once a day, so I'll be ready for them when they appear. Thank you again for the cards!