10 August 2014

Breaking it Down 12: Crackin' Wax 2014 Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break

I bought the Toronto Blue Jays spot in the Crackin' Wax Allen & Ginter case break this year. They do a charity thing where a portion of the funds they take in for the break goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Crackin' Wax partnered with another case-breaking site on the deal and together they raised something like $1200 to donate. I didn't get anything of note from the A&G case, but in addition to a pile of Blue Jays base cards there were a couple of other things in my shipment. First up were some Blue Jays from various sets, like Panini Prizm, Topps Archives, and base Topps.

Those red parallels certainly do stand out on Blue Jays cards. I can't decide if I like it or if it hurts my eyes. Maybe a little of both.

I did get a Black-Bordered Mini of Roy Halladay from the case break, as well as a glaring squinty-eyed Jose Bautista.

Also included were a real-live Topher autograph card and an in-person or through-the-mail auto of Brad Ziegler. The Topher card features stats on the back, so it's not just there for eye candy.

Also included was a card for a discount on products from an outfit called UniKeep, who make binders that lock closed, so there aren't open edges around three sides. They look pretty cool, to be honest, although I am thinking about moving away from binders for most of my cards. They are nice for display, but storage feels like such a pain when compared with card boxes. Also, card pages in bulk can be expensive. I can get a 5000-count box for ten or eleven dollars. Getting card pages for all those cards would probably be $80-$110, depending on which card pages I bought. That's a hobby box of Allen & Ginter or nearly two Hobby boxes of flagship Topps! Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent. The discount offer was pretty good; 50% off of your order from the company. If you want to see pictures and a real review of the product, click here.

It was a pretty cool break, and I am glad I was able to donate a little bit to charity. I was obviously butthurt that I didn't pull a bunch of Blue Jays hits, but that's how it goes when you gamble on cards. They were one of the cheaper team slots anyhow, in part because they didn't have a large number of big-money cards on the checklist.

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  1. Sorry I wasn't able to pull any Jays hits but I am VERY glad that you were able to join the break! Hope to have you in another one :)