02 August 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs 6: Pack 2

I write the numbers on the packs and scan them because it helps me to keep track of which pictures came from which pack. In case anyone was wondering. If it were purely for show, I'd probably work on my penmanship a little.

Robinson Cano: +2 (Pastime's Pastimes +2)

V-22 Osprey: +2 (Air Supremacy +2)

Pack 2 Points: 4.00
Box Running Total: 8.00
Points Per Pack Average: 4.00
Box Pace: 100.00


  1. At least Cano isn't a Yankee any more!

    1. Yes, this box is starting out as a bit of a dud. It's not good when the best thing you can say about it is, "At least I'm not losing points!"