17 January 2016

Pack of the Day 118: 2 Packs of 1987 Sportflics

I mentioned in my Pack of the Day 116 post that I had done something silly and purchased some retail packs that I knew wouldn't be worth the money I spent on them. Sometimes the pack-busting itch gets to be too much, though, and you've got to scratch it. It is hard for me to remember the last time a retail pack purchase didn't leave me feeling a bit disappointed, though. The repack box I bought as the baseball portion of my purchase contained two packs of 1987 Sportflics Magic Motion Baseball cards. Each pack contains three full-size cards and two smaller logo cards, all with that sweet lenticular motion technology. The team logo cards also feature Magic Motion Team Startistics, whatever those are.

These things don't scan particularly well. Those first two cards at the tops are part of a subset called The Big Six, which features six players in a given theme. All six players are pictured on the front, with the two frames changing images three times as you tilt the card. The first one is The Best of the Best, which cites the six best players in the game as selected by a New York Times poll of major league players. The six players are Don Mattingly, Rickey Henderson, Dale Murphy, Eddie Murray, Dwight Gooden, and Roger Clemens. The second card is Hot Rookie Prospects and showcases Randy Asadoor, Casey Candaele, Kevin Seitzer, Rafael Palmeiro, Tim Pyznarski, and Dave Cochrane.

Finishing out this scan are cards of Sid Fernandez and Mike Witt. I was kind of glad to see these packs come out of the repack box, as I didn't have a lot of them when I was growing up, so the novelty is still there for me. The only lenticular cards I really remember from my youth are the ones that were put out by Kellogg's, which I believe were distributed in their Corn Flakes cereal.

My final two player cards are George Brett and Jesse Barfield. Barfield was coming off of his best statistical season and George Brett was nearing the end of his 13 consecutive All-Star appearances, so this probably would have been a nice pair of packs to bust open in 1987.

My favorite part of these packs was the team logo cards. I was lucky enough to pull my favorite team, the Houston Astros, as well as a pretty cool Pirates logo, a neat throwback of the Expos, and even the Phillies logo is kind of interesting in a nostalgic sort of way. Each card features either Team Leaders or 1986 Divisional standings on the back.

These two packs were one of the highlights of my retail purchase. Overall the transaction wasn't worth the money I put into it, but these packs probably carried their own weight.


  1. These cards seem to hold a special place in the hearts of many collectors.

    1. I don't feel a lot of nostalgia for this particular set, but lenticular technology was pretty popular when I was an impressionable kid. It was nice to get something a little bit different in my repack box.