24 January 2016

Purple Premium Patrick Parallel

I've had pretty good luck at picking up Danica Patrick parallel cards lately. I got this card from eBay for a very nice price, even with shipping factored in. I was surprised that there were no competing bids, as it was a $0.99 auction and Danica is a pretty popular driver. This is the Purple parallel of her Studio Insider card from the 2011 Press Pass Premium card set and it is numbered # 07 / 25.

I recently picked up a cheap base set of this product without consulting the checklist first. Danica didn't get a base card in the set, just this card from the Studio Insider subset. The back of the card even references her popularity with card collectors. I was really happy to get this card for the opening bid price, although the seller probably had different feelings about it. I know that feeling. The Sasha Banks WWE autograph I posted about a few days ago sold for $10-15 lower than I was hoping for. I still came away with enough in my Paypal to ship out some long overdue trade packages and buy a couple of things from eBay, so it was still a good sale. Maybe that low sale price was karma coming back to me for getting a good deal on this Danica Patrick card. I can live with that.

I am writing most of my posts a couple of days or more before they go live on the blog in an attempt to have a post a day go up for as long as I can manage it. Unfortunately that means that a lot of my posts aren't very timely in nature. I guess that means I will have to start bolting paragraphs onto the end of my posts when something comes up that I really want to talk about.

The Broncos - Patriots AFC Championship game made me about as anxious as I could get while watching a game, especially the last couple Patriots drives where I just knew that the Broncos were going to lose it all. The missed PAT by Gostkowski early in the game really came into play as the Patriots needed a last-second 2-point conversion to tie the game and the Broncos defense was able to knock the ball away to seal the victory. I am pretty excited to see my team reach the Super Bowl again with Peyton Manning at the helm, but I really hope it doesn't turn into a bloodbath like the last Super Bowl they played in against the Seahawks. I really hope they have enough offense in the tank to win one more game this year.

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