19 January 2016

Check Out My Cards 6: UFC Player Collections

Recently I showed off a nice Jon Singleton card I picked up from COMC, but the real reason I was on COMC in the first place was to build up a couple of UFC collections. This Neil Magny autograph from 2015 Topps UFC Champions was the main target, but I picked up a few other things as well. I chose to collect Magny partly because he's a National Guardsman like myself and also because I liked the way he carried himself in the couple of videos I saw. He doesn't have a lot of cards out there, but I was able to track down a few with his picture on them. This is the standard base sticker autograph from the Champions set.

This die-cut card comes from one of the Champions insert sets, Fighting's Future. There is an autographed version of this card that I believe is limited to 50 copies. I may try to track one down at some point, depending on the price.

I grabbed two Magny cards from the 2015 Topps UFC Knockout set as well. This first one is the base card, which is a good place to start.

This is the Silver parallel, which is the most common parallel in the set. It is numbered # 108 / 199. There are a few other parallels out there. I may chase them down someday. We'll see. He also has a few hits in this set, an autograph card with a few parallel versions and a triple autograph card that he shares with Cat Zingano and Brandon Thatch. I'm guessing that triple auto is out of my price range, but I could see myself chasing down parallels from the base set and at least one version of his solo autograph card.

This card probably should have been posted up with the rest of the cards from the Champions set, but I didn't think about that when I loaded the scans into the post and it's too much trouble to move the pictures now. This is the Black parallel, numbered # 159 / 188. I think I've already got his base card and the unnumbered Silver parallel of this card, but there are still a few others (Blue # / 88, Gold # / 25, Red # / 8, and Platinum # 1 / 1) out there.

The other player collection I got started in this COMC order was one for Randa Markos. While she doesn't have the greatest fighting record, I chose to collect her cards mostly because of her Iraqi heritage. Although the years I spent in Iraq weren't under the most peaceful terms, I do feel a bit of a connection to the country. Her backstory was a good enough hook to get me to watch her fights. This is her base card from the 2015 Topps UFC Knockout set. So har she just has base and parallel cards from the 2015 Knockout and Champions sets, so there's a pretty limited array of stuff to collect. I picked up one or two of her Champions cards in group breaks, so all I got for her in this order was cards from Knockout.

This is the Silver parallel of the card, numbered # 164 / 199. That does it for the UFC portion of this COMC order. The prices were pretty good, and the $3 flat rate shipping was a big plus when compared with eBay's typical $2-3 per card shipping charges. I've still got a few baseball cards to exhibit from this order, but not today.

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