10 January 2016

Breaking it Down 26: 2015 Topps WWE Undisputed Nikki Bella Autograph

In addition to buying up all the base card slots for the WWE Undisputed breaks on TeamBreaks.com, I tried to grab a random wrestler spot or two in each breaks. Each slot purchased got your name put in the hat several times. Then the list was randomized against the hit checklist for the product, so your name matched up to a specific hit, like a specific wrestler's autograph or their auto-relic.

I've had decent luck with these random slots, pulling several different hits. There has been plenty of different stuff in each box, but my hits have all come from the Divas division. That's good because they sell well, but I would really like something from the Iron Sheik or John Cena. I won't complain too much, though, because some people don't hit anything at all. This is a pretty nice card with an on-card autograph and plenty of color. I'm not sure I can gather any part of the words 'Nikki Bella' out of that signature, though. And that hat of hers is ridiculous. Griffey definitely rocked the backwards cap better.


  1. This is the second gorgeous WWF check I've seen in less than a week. I'm starting to think I should start watching it again.

    1. In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap! If you gotta watch something WWE related, make it NXT (there are pretty ladies there too, and the storylines are just way better in general than anything on Raw & Smackdown). Also, Lucha Underground.

    2. I'll take that into consideration. Actually... Lucha Underground sounds pretty cool.

    3. Lucha Underground does have a much better name. I actually got an NXT autograph of a female wrestler recently. It'll be up on the blog (relatively) soon.