04 January 2016

Another Batch of BBM True Heart Japanese Women's Wrestling Cards

ヤッペーマン3号, Yappe-Man #3

I found a few more BBM True Heart cards in my scan folder, so I might as well get another post out of them. This first one is a 2014 BBM True Heart autograph of Yappe-Man #3, an alter-ego of wrestler Misaki Ohata, who wrestles under a lot of different names. The Yappe-Man #3 costume appears to be used mostly in comedy matches.

I didn't show the back of these autograph cards in my 2014 BBM True Heart overview post, so here's what they look like. The print runs for these are around 100 cards for each wrestler, with this card being copy # 40 / 90.

This Kana card is a Catch the Rainbow insert from the 2006 BBM True Heart set of 華名 - Kana, who was recently signed to the WWE's developmental NXT roster under the name 明日華 - Asuka. Back in 2006 she was pretty new to the game, and appeared in this prospect-themed insert. This set is serially-numbered, with this being copy # 093 / 200. This popped up on eBay and I snagged it both because of her jump to the NXT and because it was something I hadn't seen before.

フェアリー日本橋 - Fairy Nihonbashi, にゃんば~ - Nyanbar?, ダンプ松本 - Dump Matsumoto, 山下実優 - Yamashita Jitsuyu, 伊藤 薫 - Kaoru Ito
Closing things out on this post are a handful of autograph cards from the 2015 BBM True Heart set. Fairy Nihonbashi is another character who seems to be around mostly for comedic value. I've seen a couple of her matches and they seem to heavily feature her using some kind of fairy magic on her opponents. I am not entirely sure on the cat's name or purpose. Most of the Googling I've done on the name turns up information on the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau mascot, which is a big-headed blue cat with a white face. Dump Matsumoto is a superstar wrestler from the 80's who made her debut the year before I was born. She's in semi-retirement now. I couldn't find much information at all on Yamashita Jitsuyu. Maybe I've got her name wrong, or maybe she just didn't stick with wrestling for very long. Kaoru Ito made her debut in 1989 and is still active today, with her last match coming just last week.

This was a pretty decent batch of cards, with the Dump Matsumoto autograph probably being the big acquisition of the group. The Kana insert is cool because of her WWE ties and the fact that I didn't have any examples from the insert sets yet. My favorite card of the bunch is probably the Yappe-Man #3 autograph. I just like the costume. It looks like she is a masked Mario Brother Sister, and the couple of matches I've watched with her in them have been entertaining.


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    1. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of mascots and people in animal costumes as a general rule. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I can't think of any at the moment.

    2. Stole the words right off of my keyboard. Gold Girl and the woman with her arms crossed are pretty scary too.