09 January 2016

Buying Cards for the Wrong Player Collection

A few months ago when I was starting a player collection for Daniel Norris I cast a pretty wide search net, probably at some point just doing a search on eBay for 'Topps Norris' or something. Some Derek Norris cards popped up in my feed and I thought something like, "Hey, I like that guy too! I'll get some of his cards!" So I wound up with a couple of random Derek Norris cards. One is this 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects card. It's a Bowman Chrome base card. I don't have a lot to say about it, really. I got it with combined shipping alongside one of the Daniel Norris cards I picked up.

The other card I wound up with is this 2012 Bowman Platinum Autograph Prospects Green Refractor. The green color accents of the parallels go nicely with Oakland's colors. It's serially-numbered with this being copy # 034 / 399. I got it for the starting bid of $0.99 plus a pretty minimal shipping cost.

Norris moved to the Padres for 2015, where I kind of lost track of him. I'm more of an American League guy anyway, so for the most part the National League passes me by without much notice. I do have a few NL teams that I kind of follow, but the Padres aren't really one of them. I think their old brown uniforms are pretty cool, though. I feel like I should have more connection to the Padres because I lived in San Diego for a couple of years, but it's just never really clicked for me. I do like the Padres blogs that are out there, though. Most of those folks have connections to San Diego, too, so I feel like we've got something in common.

Anyway, that's how I ended up with a couple of Derek Norris cards for my collection.


  1. I'm a Norris fan too. I was so bummed when the A's traded away Norris, but so glad he went to my other favorite team.

    1. Trades and free agency are one of the difficult realities of being a sports fan. There are relatively few guarantees that your favorite players will stay with your favorite teams for any length of time.