22 January 2016

Check Out My Cards 8: Jon Singleton Bowman Parallels

This is the last post about my recent COMC order, which I used to build up a couple of UFC player collections and add a number of Jon Singleton cards to my collection of his cards. I've already shown off a couple of common 2015 Topps parallels and a nice relic-auto hit from Panini, but I also grabbed a handful of Singleton parallels from 2015 Bowman. First up is this Silver Ice parallel. The Cardboard Connection page for the set says that Silver Ice parallels were only one per box in 2015, which is much more rare than they've been in the past. At least that is my recollection. And my recollection would be wrong, because the entries for 2014 and 2013 Bowman both show the same seeding for Silver Ice cards. 

This is the Silver parallel, which is the most common of the serially-numbered cards. This copy is # 014 / 499. The Silver parallels feature printed-on serial numbers rather than the foil-stamped numbers that the less common parallels carry. I wonder if that was a cost-saving measure, and what the difference is between the production processes for each method?

This Purple parallel features the foil-stamped serial number # 030 / 250. There's not much else to say about it. It's interesting how the border color influences the way the rest of the picture looks. The blue parts of Singleton's uniform look a lot more purple to me in this photo than they do in the other cards in this post.

And this is the card that set me off down the 2015 Bowman road in the first place. It was a reasonably-priced Orange parallel with a nice low print run, being copy # 08 / 25. There wasn't much in the base Topps rainbow for me on COMC, so I went with these Bowman parallels instead. I was pretty happy to fill a few more spots in my Jon Singleton collection, especially this rare Orange parallel.

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