01 January 2016

Manute Bol 2014-15 Panini National Treasures NBA Game Gear

There hasn't been a lot of traditional stick-and-ball sports content on this blog for a while just because I've been focused elsewhere in my collecting lately. But that doesn't mean I've neglected my baseball, football, and basketball collections entirely. There is always something out there to pick up, like this Manute Bol NBA Game Gear dual relic card from 2014-15 Panini National Treasures Basketball. I try to grab Bol's cards whenever I can, especially if they feature relics or autos. I only have one autograph of his so far, a card that just barely missed the cut for my collection's Best Binder Page. I've got a few of his relic cards, though, and this is a worthy addition to my collection. Although there is no patchwork on the swatches, I did at least get a red swatch and a white swatch. The card design is pretty nice and it is serially-numbered # 43 / 99.

I know all the cool folks in the blogosphere are posting 2015 recaps and/or 2016 goals right now, but I haven't given a whole lot of thought to either of those things. I've got a general idea about how 2015 went for me and I have some thoughts about what I want to do in 2016, but it's been a long time since I really sat down and made up checklists or cataloged things. The main thing I'd like to get done this year is get my hobby room set up with some tables so that I can do a whole lot of sorting. There are a few sets that I failed to complete in 2015 (Topps Update, Stadium Club) that I would like to pick up. I have some trade packages that I owe to people. My kids are clamoring for some attention, so I need to cut this post off here and go attend to that.

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