06 January 2016

Rainbow in the Dark 33: A Tiny Topps Trio

After packing the 2012-2014 Topps Mini baseball sets out in a 24-pack hobby box configuration, Topps went the boxed set route with 2015 Topps Mini. There are still parallels and an insert set to be had, though, as each boxed set contains a number of random parallels and a 10-card tribute set in the famous 1975 Topps design. The sets originally retailed for $100 from the Topps website, but they are sold out there. You can get a set, minus the 1975 minis and the extra parallels, for about $50 currently on eBay or you can get a sealed set for well above the original MSRP. I picked up some of Jon Singleton's cards from the set as singles, including this base card. I have considered springing for a set, but I haven't made that decision yet. My wish list has a lot of stuff on it. 

The Black parallel is the most common parallel in the set, with a print run of 10. My copy here is # 10 / 10. I've managed to gather quite a few of Singleton's 2015 parallels, not entirely by design. The thing is that I will chase the really uncommon stuff, but I don't know if I have any of his cards with print runs of 50 or more, like the Rainbow Foil / Purple / Gold / Camo / Black / Pink parallels from the base set. I also don't have any of the 1 / 1 cards, but I'm pretty well covered in the # / 5 - # / 20 range. 

I also got the Red parallel from the Mini set, which leaves just the Gold 1 / 1 remaining to complete the rainbow from this product. I am not aware that the Gold has surfaced yet, so I guess I'll just wait and see if it becomes available. In the meantime, maybe I'll chase down some of those more common parallels to add some bulk to this rainbow I've started.

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