07 January 2016

Oops, I Already Had This Card (Again): 2013 Press Pass Showcase Classic Collections Patrick / Stewart / Newman

This seems to happen to me fairly often, but I bought a copy of a card that I already had a copy of. In this case it is a 2013 Press Pass Showcase Classic Collections triple relic card featuring bit of sheet metal from the cars of Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, and Ryan Newman. This is whatever parallel version has a print run of 75 copies, with this particular copy being # 43 / 75. The copy already residing in my card boxes is # 15 / 75 and was acquired in the relatively early days of this blog, when I was still in the process of getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. I'm not extremely sad about getting another copy, as it's a nice-looking card.

About the only thing that would make it cooler would be if the relics were swatches of firesuit instead of sheet metal. When it comes to NASCAR relics I prefer the firesuit relics. I guess that makes me kind of a creeper, in some respects. "I want the clothes that touched your skin, Tony, not some bit of your car!" Really I like anything like gloves, shoes, firesuits, hats. Some of the car relics are pretty cool, though, like the windshield and lug nut pieces that Press Pass did before they went out of business.

I'm a bit of a broken record at this point, but I hope someone picks up the NASCAR license soon and finds a way to put out cards as good as the stuff Press Pass was doing over the last few years.

I've been thinking about some hobby goals for 2016, but nothing has really sparked my interest yet. At least not enough to set a goal about it. I've toyed with the idea of trying to do a post a day on this blog for the whole year, but that just turns the blog into work and primes me for burnout at some point. I may still try to do it, but I don't want to put it in writing. I have a couple of things I want to chase down during the year and a few sets from 2015 I want to finish as well as a few 2016 sets I plan to chase. Maybe I'll put those in writing and maybe I won't. We'll see. Hopefully I won't spend too much time this year buying cards I already have.

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