30 January 2016

Pack of the Day 121: 2014 Topps Update Series

This next pack from the repack I've been working through is more typical of the stuff you'll find in these repack products. It's a 12-card pack of 2014 Topps Update Series. It's also one of those packs that you open and scan and think,"I have nothing to say about these cards at all." But I need posts and this will help to pump up my numbers.

This Carlos Gomez card is probably my favorite one of the bunch, but that's not really saying much. He was a Brewer at the time but he got traded to my team, the Astros, in the middle of the 2015 season. He's a bit too demonstrative for me, but I guess that's not a super horrible way to be. I think baseball needs to have some emotional guys around to keep things interesting. His antics have contributed to some bench-clearing incidents over the last couple of years. I hope he can produce for the Astros in 2016.  

Like I said in the opening paragraph, this was a pretty slow pack. It's nice to get a couple of pictures where you can actually see the ball in play, like that David Murphy fielding shot or the Leury Garcia bunt.

I've heard more chatter recently about the NL moving to a DH format, which I personally would like to see. Let the pitchers pitch and the hitters hit. Maybe I'm just bitter because Adam Wainwright was one of my higher picks in fantasy baseball last year and ruptured his Achilles tendon while batting in April. Besides, adding the DH to the NL means 15 more potential big bats to chase for my fantasy rosters. I say let it happen. The only thing we'll miss out on is the comedy of errors that is Bartolo Colon at the plate.

My obligatory insert for the pack was a Gregory Polanco Gold parallel. That's a pretty decent card to pull as a parallel, given the many middle relievers and platoon players that appear on the checklist. I think it should be a rule of some kind that only even numbers of horizontal and vertical cards should be placed in packs so that I don't have to do these funky scans with 3 or 5 cards in them.

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