05 April 2014

At the Trade Deadline 21: A PWE from 2 x 3 Heroes

I got a PWE in the mail from 2 x 3 Heroes, containing an assortment of cards from some of my favorite teams. Caminiti gets a nice action shot, with dirt flying around and a good cameo of the umpire leaning in to get a clean look at the play. That's one thing I like about cards with the photography zoomed out a bit. You get to see parts of the game that aren't visible in zoomed and cropped headshot and torso sets.

My other favorite card in the group is that Barry Bonnell from '84 Donruss. I think it's the old-school batting gloves and light-blue uniform that does it for me.

In other news, I completed my first Zistle trade today, getting a few needs for my 2014 Topps list, including the last four cards I needed for the base set. I didn't scan any of them because of laziness, but Zistle trades are pretty easy to set up once you've done the legwork of getting your collection entered into the database. It seems like every time I enter a set's worth of cards a new trade offer pops up in my inbox.

Thanks for the PWE! It's always fun to find cards in the mailbox!

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