13 April 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 12: Finally, a 1/1 for My Josh Reddick Super Rainbow

Even though I had 32 cards in my 2013 Josh Reddick Super Rainbow, I still had not acquired any of the # 1 / 1 parallels. But recently someone was clearing out a bunch of low-numbered Josh Reddick cards on eBay and I was able to snag this Black Printing Plate from 2013 Topps Chrome. I guess this would be my 33rd card in the Super Rainbow. There are still quite a few cards in the rainbow out there that I am missing, but I imagine they will be pretty hard to come by.

Reddick hasn't been playing very well so far this season and there is speculation that he will be sent down to AAA to make room on the roster for someone who might hit the ball from time to time. I hope that isn't the case, but when you don't collect the superstars you always run the chance that some of your favorite players won't stick around for long.


  1. Great card. Looks like the A's kept to keep Reddick on the roster instead of Sam Fuld... so his job looks to be safe for the time being (although the A's could really use some help offensively).