17 April 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 67: The Great Bo Jackson Box Loader Autograph Exchange Part 1 (of 3)

You may recall that I pulled the above card from a box of 2014 Topps Heritage. It is a pretty cool prize, and quite limited (either # /10 or # / 20, depending on where you look) and the signatures are on-card rather than stickers, but the design of the box loader autographs leaves me a bit cold. The embossed portraits just don't quite do it for me.

So I decided after a bit of internal debate to sell it and see what I could get in return for it (plus a blaster's worth of eBay Bucks I had in my account). This is the first part in a three-part series, and is the largest portion of the eBay trade I worked out.

I had looked at buying a full set of this year's Opening Day Blue parallels, but I was able to get this lot of 162 cards from the set for a relative steal. I ordered most of the rest of the set from JustCommons.com, and I think that brings me down to five cards needed for the set at a significantly lower price than full sets are going for. Normally I don't think I would be able to do such a thing, but this lot went really cheap and contained many of the bigger stars, like Puig, Jeter, Harper, Kershaw, and Rivera.

After accounting for the going rate for six or seven individual star cards, the other 155 cards basically came to me for free. At least according to 'collector math.' These cards are beautiful. I might just put them in a binder with last year's Opening Day blue parallels and stare at them all for hours. If R.A. Dickey's base card in Series 2 looks like his Opening Day card, I will probably try to collect the rainbow. Josh Reddick's card isn't amazing in this set like it was last year, so I probably won't be chasing the rainbow for it.

Anyway, here are a whole bunch of scans:

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