23 April 2014

Just the Commons, Ma'am 3: Mistaken Identities, Nostalgia, and a Big Head

I ordered some stuff from JustCommons recently, mostly in an effort to fill out my 2014 Topps Opening Day blue parallel set. But I picked up a few other things as well. One of the neat things that JustCommons has is a $2.00 relic and autograph section. I picked up a couple of things from that list in this order. Why did I get a Russ Ohlendorf autograph, you might ask? Maybe because when I read the name Ohlendorf, I heard the name Oberholtzer in my head. So I kind of thought I had ordered an autograph of a current Astros pitcher. Oh well. I guess I should pay attention to what I'm doing from time to time.

I always liked Todd Van Poppel's name. Maybe it's because it reminds me of this part of my childhood:

Yes, the toy that was kind of like a Care Bear, but with a folding pouch on its butt that could be flipped around the front of the stuffed animal, turning it into a kind of ball. There was a cartoon that went along with them, of course.

I also grabbed a handful of short-printed cards from 2014 Topps Heritage.

I was trying to make it to the $50 threshold so that I could use the 10% off coupon that JustCommons offers on orders of that size, so I added SPs from my want list until I had enough to make the discount.

In contrast to the pitchers in the first row with their 'act serious and look off to the left' poses, Sandoval and Segura actually look like they are enjoying themselves. This picture makes Sandoval's head look massive. I'd imagine that part of it has to do with the fact that he has a large head, but some of it might just be the picture.

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  1. Nice Van Poppel. That is a very unflattering pic of Pablo.