19 April 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 69: The Great Bo Jackson Box Loader Autograph Exchange Part 3 (of 3)

Here is the final item I got from selling the Bo Jackson Box Loader autograph I pulled from 2014 Topps Heritage. Previously I showed off the other two parts, a 162-card lot of 2014 Topps Opening Day Blue parallels and a redemption for a 2014 Topps Museum Collection triple relic autograph of Bo Jackson. Finally, I was able to grab this Purple Ice parallel for my 2013 Bowman Josh Reddick rainbow. You don't see a lot of these out there, but I was able to snap this one up.

My copy is numbered # 04 / 10. I haven't done an updated roll-up of this particular rainbow in quite some time, but you can see most of the progress on this post here. I have since added an Orange Refractor, the Red Ice parallel, an X-Fractor, and now this Purple Ice parallel. I think that make 19 cards total in this rainbow so far. Pretty cool stuff!

I feel like I got a pretty good return for my Bo Jackson autograph redemption card. I still managed to get a Bo Jackson autograph out of the deal, as well as almost 3/4 of the Opening Day Blue parallel set and a nice hit for my Josh Reddick rainbow.


  1. Did quite well! Still get a Bo autograph and 2 other nice lots

  2. Damn, those purple ice atomic refractor things are shiny goodness.

  3. Yeah, I went through a lot of debate about what to do with the original Bo Jackson card. I am still pretty sure I did the right thing for my collection.

    And these Purple Ice cards are very cool. They don't seem to pop up very often, or maybe I am just looking in the wrong places. I'm glad one finally turned up for my Reddick collection. Now if I could just get the R.A. Dickey card to show up somewhere...