15 April 2014

Seeking Redemption 4: R. A. Dickey Tribute Blue Autograph

I guess I just won't learn my lesson. This is my 7th redemption card entered on the Topps site, and I have yet to receive any actual items back from them. Five of the seven redemptions I have in the system are for R.A. Dickey autos and relics, so hopefully he will get them all taken care of at once and I will get a big package full of goodies all at once. My other redemption cards are for a Frank Robinson # / 10 from 2013 Archives and a Real Heavy Metal Autograph # / 25 of Reb Beach. I don't know what the odds are of those being fulfilled, but I would sure like to run a Seeking Redemption post some day that features an actual relic or autograph instead of the all-too-familiar blue Congratulations! card.

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