20 April 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 13: Silky Smooth Reddick

That printing plate I showed off the other day was a big find for my Josh Reddick Super Rainbow, but this Silk Collection parallel felt like just as big a hit to me when I finally landed it. I lost one by a few cents months ago and hadn't even seen one since. I had begun to think that I just wasn't going to get a silk for the collection. Then this one appeared and I was able to come away with it. It didn't even really set me back that much.

I think now the only card from this rainbow I'm missing with a print run higher than # / 10 is the Black parallel, which is numbered out of # / 62. I saw one a while back, but I didn't get it. Now it seems like they have all disappeared from the face of the earth. You can get the Black Refractors from Topps Chrome all day long, but not the base flagship parallel.

I guess this is the 34th card in my Josh Reddick 2013 Topps Super Rainbow. It's pretty fun to shuffle through the whole stack of cards in this mini-collection, all with the same picture presented in different frames.

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