14 October 2013

At the Trade Deadline 6: Allen & Ginter's from Nachos Grande

It's been a little while now, but I completed a trade with Chris over at Nachos Grande involving a variety of stuff going his way and a bunch of 2013 Allen & Ginter's coming my way. I had sort of put off this post for a while because how much A & G can you take in one year? Now that people have moved on to Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Topps Mini, and Gint-A-Cuffs V is over, I think it would be a good time to revisit the set by discussing this trade.

The main component of the trade that came my way was a complete base set of cards 1-350. I had purchased two hobby boxes and a number of other packs and wasn't even close to finishing out the set, so when he posted that he had one available I jumped on it. I've chosen not to scan any of the base cards because we've all seen most of them a zillion times.

The other stuff he sent were some inserts that I needed for my One Little Corner and Palaces & Strongholds sets. Those One Little Corner cards are beautiful. I'm glad I took the time this evening to bust open the binder and take a look at them. [Insert juvenile joke about Uranus here, then giggle.]

These Palaces & Strongholds cards are pretty neat, too, although some of the photos came out better than others. Some of the cards in this set look like Topps took the tiniest picture they could find, blew it up to card size, and in the process lost all the definition and detail in the photo. I still need seven cards from each of these sets, but it seems like A & G trading is about done for the year.

I have had a few good rounds of correspondence with Chris and I'm pretty happy to have all of these new cards in my collection. I am usually pretty open to swaps, but I am terrible about keeping up on my e-mail. I know there are a few people I've failed to connect with over the last couple of months.

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