11 October 2013

Raz' Ravings 4: Press Pass Damage Replacement

One of the packs of 2012 Press Pass FanFare that I bought on eBay a couple of months ago arrived with 4/5 cards damaged. The only card that escaped unscathed was the one that was Die-Cut on the corner, as that was the corner damaged on each of the other cards. It wasn't a cheap pack, so I packed up the cards and shipped them off to Press Pass along with a note explaining that I was aware they don't officially replace cards from previous years' sets, but that a bunch of damaged cards weren't doing me any good and it couldn't hurt to try seeing what they could do for me.
A while later I got an envelope in the mail with four replacement cards. The autograph features the same guy I sent off, although it is hand-numbered. The other cards don't excite me too much, either, but they aren't damaged. So Press Pass did all right by me.

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