08 October 2013

Pack of the Day 31: The Last Pack of 2012 Bowman

The Target stores in my area have somehow come up with some 2012 Bowman to put in the clearance bins of the card aisles. As of my last check, they also have 2013 Heritage on some sort of clearance sale, for anyone who is chasing that set. Anyway, the $1.59 clearance box at one of stores in town had one lone pack of 2012 Bowman sitting in it, so I grabbed it up.

There isn't anything too world-breaking for me among the base cards. I don't really chase any of these guys.

There isn't much exciting to me about the usual two prospects and two prospect Chrome cards, either. I am not planning on going back in time to complete this set, so they'll probably find their way into the 5000-count box at some point (they may already be there by the time this gets published).

Our mandatory Gold parallel is Yadier Molina, a pretty decent card I suppose. He looks like he's participating in one of those egg toss contests where you catch the egg, take a step back, toss the egg and catch it, take a step back, and so on until the egg breaks and only one team is left with an unbroken egg. I don't think he is winning this round.

Well, that's pretty lucky. This pack rattled around at Target for a couple of years, all the while containing an autograph. Robbie Grossman came over to Houston from Pittsburgh as part of the Wandy Rodriguez trade. He had some extended playing time this season before an injury took him out, but has apparently earned himself a decent shot at a roster spot next year.

Overall this wasn't a bad pack for something that came from the clearance bin. I won't usually complain about an autograph from a cheap pack. I reserve the right to complain when I pull the autograph of a no-name athlete from any pack that costs me more than five dollars, like those dudes I pulled out of Panini Crusade basketball recently.

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