06 October 2013

Pack of the Day 30: 2013 Bowman Baseball Retail Box Pack 10

Here is pack 10/24 in my Retail box of 2013 Bowman Baseball. First up are the usual four base cards. Nice to see a couple of Blue Jays here, especially Reyes with his Maple Leaf cap. He does have that awkward Bowman logo placement thing going on, though. Good thing they're not the Toronto Woodpeckers.

Up next are the two prospect cards that come standard in a pack. I've never heard of either of these guys. Maybe I'm out of touch.

Same story with the Chrome prospects in the pack. Maybe someday they will be famous.

Finally, we get to the inserts in the pack. The one-per-pack Gold parallel is Jayson Werth, he of the heroic man-beard. We also get a 1-per-box Silver Ice parallel of Jose Cisnero, a guy who wasn't that great out of Houston's bullpen this year. His minor league numbers aren't too flashy, either, but he fits into the Astros team collection and that counts for something.

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