19 October 2013

I Got it at Sportlots 1: Freddie Got Fingered

So I finally visited Sportlots and made an order for a few of the 2013 Archives Gold cards they had listed for less than eBay and COMC did. I have a spreadsheet that I use to track prices on the remaining cards I need, so I can get a feel for what the different cards market at. I ordered several cards. A few of them got lumped in with a recent eBay post, a couple are still outstanding, and these three came in the mail the other day.

It's too bad that the Braves and Dodgers couldn't meet in the playoffs this year. I wonder how Freeman and Brian McCann would have reacted to Yasiel Puig's celebration of his big triple the other day? Maybe I am not OG enough, but I happen to like a little bit of celebration in my sports. I am not a fan of mocking or trash talk all that much, but a TD or sack celebration aimed at the crowd, arms raised or a little flip of the bat after a big hit, or a swipe across the neck after a dagger three or a nasty dunk are all things that I like to see in my sports entertainment. It's a game. Thanks to Tenets of Wilson I know that the Dodgers are not extremely likely to get into and win the World Series, but that's who I am pulling for this year since all of my favorite teams are long gone. Thanks to the internet I know that the Dodgers got blown out in Game 6 and will not be advancing. If Boston and St. Louis make the World Series I will die from a bad case of meh.

But enough of that. My first experience with Sportlots was pretty good, so I will probably return there whenever the price is right.

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