21 October 2013

Pack of the Day 37: 2013 Bowman Retail Box Break Pack 12

This pack marks the halfway point of the box, which has been dragging on for an awfully long time. I think I prefer showing box breaks all in one post rather than going a pack at a time. I guess it might be more fun if I were somehow able to hold myself to opening one pack per day, rather than opening and scanning the whole thing all in a hurry. But how am I supposed to rest when there is unbusted foil sitting within reach? I don't know if my heart could handle the strain.

Prospects! Rondon has been sidelined for a while with his elbow, but he got some innings in for the big league club. The other guys I haven't heard of.

Our Gold parallel for today is Matt Moore. I don't have any feelings about him one way or the other.

I believe retail boxes are seeded with one autograph per box, and Mike McQuillan of the Washington Nationals is the autograph in this box. I haven't found a lot of information on him at all.

Sometimes the autographs in Bowman aren't all that exciting. I guess the same could be said of the autographs in most products, though, especially baseline products like Bowman and the base Topps set. I almost look forward to colored parallels of established guys more than I do autographs of guys I've never heard of. But I still like to pull autographs. If this had been Buxton or Correa I'd probably be bouncing off the walls happy. 

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