18 October 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 23: A Display Dilemma

I picked up these three cards from one eBay seller. I should have read the description of the Mike Minor card a little bit better, as the seller stated that a little white was showing on the bottom corners. It was more than a little white. Both corners had chunks of foil missing from the front of the card. I can't really check the card off of my checklist, so I will probably be seeking out another copy of Minor's card. But dinged corners won't be a problem with my next card,

which is a BGS-graded copy Bryce Harper's Gold parallel. I'd been watching this card for some time, as the seller kept re-listing it at lower prices. I even sent in an offer to him at one point for the card, but the auction ended before he could get back to me. He put it back up at the price I had offered and I pulled the trigger on it. According to the BGS registry, this is the only graded Harper from the set. There really aren't many cards from 2013 Archives Gold that have been sent in for grading.

I do wonder at the choices people make when sending cards in. Do we really need a 9.5 Gem Mint Buster Posey 2013 Topps base card in this world? I don't even think this is the rare photo variation. It's the same one that I have sitting in my set binder, as do probably several thousand other people, who probably all have another one sitting in their extras box or in a pile on their desk. Who decided to send this in to BGS?

"Oooh, this is going to be worth some money some day! Look at those sharp corners! I'd better send it in to get slabbed!"

The graded Harper card does cause me a bit of a display issue, as all of the other cards in the set are stored in the same binder in pages. I can't very well fit this brick into a 9-pocket page, but I am reluctant to release it from the case. What's a guy to do?


  1. I have a solution for your Harper problem: send it to me. Then you won't have to worry about displaying it!!!

  2. I'm no fan of professional grading of cards because of instances like this. I don't need some guy with a magnifying glass to tell me that my card is in mint condition. It's hard to believe that someone would spend about 10 bucks to send in a relatively useless card like a Buster Posey base card. Nothing against Posey but there are about 20000 other cards exactly like it. I guess the old saying that says "More Money than Brains" applies here.

    I'd take a hacksaw to that Harper and bust it out of its plastic prison.