28 October 2013

I Got it at Sportlots 2: Ozzie Smith

I got this Ozzie Smith 2013 Topps Archives Gold parallel in the mail the other day, which was a card ordered from Sportlots. It is numbered #96/199. The card brings me up to 164/200 cards in-hand and 182/200 counting cards that are on their way to me. I am up over 90% done with the set, but all of the easy cards are out of the way and I've got some pretty expensive and hard-to-find cards left to get. The main offenders are Manny Machado, Ryne Sandberg, Shelby Miller, Ken Griffey Jr., Giancarlo Stanton, and Tony Gwynn. I was able to get Mike Trout for a relatively good price and Cal Ripken Jr. for about 15% of the going rate, but those are other posts for another time.

I like Sportlots fairly well, but it suffers from having to pay a lot of different sellers for shipping costs whenever you want to order a number of cards. And there isn't a really easy or intuitive way to track who you are paying shipping to and what your fianl cost will be without adding stuff to your cart and looking at what each seller is charging. Many of the prices seem to beat out COMC, though, which seems to have the highest prices in general when compared to Justcommons, Sportlots, and eBay. It does help to shop around, as prices can vary widely between the sites, even from day to day.

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