21 October 2013

Breaking it Down 4: A Long Overdue Post about View from the Skybox's 4-box 2013 Panini Prizm Baseball Break

There was a group break at View From the Skybox a while ago, but I have failed to get a post done about the cards I got from it. It was a four-box break of this year's Panini Prizm release, and the teams I had were the Royals and the Pirates.

My inserts from the break were mostly from the Pirates, with two Andrew McCutchen cards and a Gerrit Cole joining a George Brett for the Royals. I didn't do too bad, averaging one insert per box. On these four cards Panini did a pretty good job of hiding the lack of a license to use team logos.

Because most of the stuff on the front of player jerseys has to be airbrushed out, you get to see a lot of the players' backs in this set. I got multiple copies of each of these base cards, but decided to just scan one of each. They are pretty thick and feel heavy in the hand, with a lot of embossing and gloss.

I also got a couple of copies of each of these cards. It was nice to get some Bo Jackson action, along with Billy Butler. Again, due to the company trying to keep blank jersey fronts off of the cards, you see a lot of man-butt in this set.

Inside of the box with my cards from the break, there were also a variety of other cards from all sorts of products. Here are some of my favorites. Mark Reynolds is always a good one to have, although he did join the dark side and go to the Yankees this year. He strikes out a bit too much and I wonder how much longer he will have a spot on any team's roster. Rasmus fits into my Blue Jays collection, and McCutchen's cards are always nice to get, especially in Allen & Ginter's sets that predate my reentry into collecting.

Then we have another Royal, an Astro, and a Mariner, all welcome additions to team and player collections. I wonder if Bourgeois was able to make the catch and avoid running into the wall too hard? The perspective of the photo may make it look like he's closer to the wall than he actually is. It's nice to see my favorite jersey number displayed so clearly on Hernandez' card.

This was a pretty good break for me, and it allowed me to get into some cards from a product that I haven't really been grabbing off the shelves on my own. The extra cards were pretty cool, too. I have only shown a handful of them here, but I'll bet there were well over 100 cards in the box that arrived in my mailbox.

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