05 January 2014

Check Out My Cards 2: Dickey Rainbow Addition Plus Odds and Ends

I got some stuff from COMC.com recently, building an order around a card for my R.A. Dickey 2013 Bowman/Bowman Chrome rainbow. More on that card at the end of the post. First up is a Day-Glo Orange parallel from 2013 Topps Archives. Scanners hate these cards, refusing to pick up the full scale of the horrible orange borders. You just have to trust me. It is very orange in real life.

I also picked up a couple of high-end base set singles, the cards they put into packs to help hide the hits so online case breakers can build suspense into their videos. One is from the base Topps Tribute set, and the other is from the Topps Tribute WBC set. I'd like to get some of Dickey's relics and autos from the WBC set, but they all seem to fall down the priority list when push comes to shove. These base cards are sufficiently shiny, though.

I guess this is a Green Refractor from this year's Topps Finest set, numbered # 197 / 199. I got a few of the base cards from this set during an online case break I participated in, but I think my one hit was a Jose Reyes orange Refractor or something like that.

And here is the card I picked up for the rainbow, a Red Ice parallel numbered # 09 / 25. It's a pretty attractive card. Every so often something like this will pop up on COMC at a fairly reasonable price, and I'll be there in time to grab it up. The same thing happened with the Topps Chrome Atomic Refractor I picked up a while back.

I wish the same thing would happen with the Josh Reddick Red Ice and Atomic Refractors. There is one of his Red Ice parallels on eBay right now, one on COMC, and two Atomic Refractors on eBay, all for a bit more than I want to pay for them. I'm getting to the point on these rainbows where it will be difficult to make any more progress. I am in a similar spot with my 2013 Archives Gold parallel set, although those cards are slightly more plentiful than my remaining rainbow cards.

I really need to put together lists of the cards I have for my favorite players and what I still need. I went through my binders last night and pulled out all of the cards of Hakeem Olajwon and Georghe Muresan that I had scattered around. I also grabbed some checklists for them off of the Beckett website, so I can get a handle on what's come out for them since I stopped collecting around the year 2000. I also grabbed lists for R.A. Dickey and Josh Reddick.

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