21 January 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 37: Gheorghe Muresan Chronology Auto

I got this '07-'08 Upper Deck Chronology autograph of Gheorghe Muresan, which means I have all but one of his non-serial-numbered autograph issues. The one I don't have is the '06-'07 Chronology autograph. I'll have to scan them all someday. I am thinking about going through my player collections and other cards from my younger collecting days so I can show them off and get some blog material. That will take some time, though. One thing I like about this card is the Juwan Howard cameo in the lower left of the photo. A lot of cards isolate the player against a background design, taking away the chance to see them in the context of the game. I think there is room for both kinds of card design, but I do like to see the whole picture more often than not. Background appearances by other players are one of the Easter eggs that make trading cards fun to look at.

The autograph that still eludes me is Muresan's fellow 7'7" NBA player, Manute Bol. He had a few autograph cards issued, but a great many of them are serially-numbered to less than 50, and a large percentage of those are numbered to 10 or less. So there are just a couple cards out there to chase. I guess I could go the easy route and buy the one that's listed on COMC for $40 plus shipping, but that's a pretty high price point for me. I will probably just keep his name in my eBay search list and wait for the right one to show up there.

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