28 January 2014

Pack of the Day 61: 2014 Topps Series 1 Retail Pack

Okay, just one more pack. These first four cards are pretty good, but I am showing them first to get them out of the way because what is coming up is a lot better (by my reckoning, your mileage may vary depending on team allegiances and how much of a baseball hipster you are).

Speaking of baseball hipsters, here is Kent Telkulve to tell us about his baseball card collection.

"2014 Topps is so mainstream. You can have your mass-produced nonsense and your fun photography. My collection is made up entirely of 1985 Ft. Myers Royals office staff cards. The front office is where the baseball really happens, man."

That Brett Gardner card is pretty good, but the real star of this 4-pack is Coco Crisp. The scanner couldn't even contain him, nor could the border of the card. This is another one of those cards that feels like the SP/SSP photo variations of past sets, but appears too numerous to actually be one. I love it. I wonder why the A's seem to have so many off-the-wall photos this year?

The pack contained a couple of horizontal cards. Another shot that seems to be getting a lot of play in this set is the group celebration, with the player named on the card usually being the hero of whatever has just happened.

This pack contained two inserts. One is a 1989 Topps Mini Die-Cut of Bo Jackson and the other is a 50 Years of the Draft card of Gerrit Cole. I have to say that I like the inserts from this set so far a little more than I liked the 2013 inserts and about 6500 times more than the 2012 inserts, which make me die a little inside whenever I see them.


  1. Everybody's going to want one of those Coco cards. I do. Jackie has a Joanie Cunningham vibe there.

  2. Jackie is just slightly a little more photogenic than Jim is.