18 January 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 7: Big Little Rainbow Hit

I got this 2013 Topps Mini Black parallel card for my Josh Reddick Super Rainbow for what seems like a steal. It was about $6 shipped to my door, and is numbered # 5 / 5. I am rapidly closing in on having everything except for the 1 / 1 cards from the various sets, at which point I will probably declare this thing done. At some point I need to scan them all together and do a recap post. There are still a couple of cards I haven't posted yet, but this was probably my 27th or 28th variation of this card. My wife thinks it is a big money grab by the card companies. I tend to agree with her (generally the safest course of action), but I feel compelled to have them all.


  1. "Generally the safest course of action" Yep! Good one.

  2. Wow... that's cheap! Nice pickup. That's one of my favorite cards from 2013. Best of luck on completing the rainbow.