09 January 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 33: WTF Inspired by Sportscards from the Dollar Store

At the end of 2013, buckstorecards of Sportscards from the Dollar Store posted a recap of his best pulls of the year. While the list contained only cards pulled from physical packs, there was a link to an eBay purchase that I absolutely had to copy once I'd seen it. I went straight to eBay, did a quick search, and added this card to my cart. I now have my very own copy of Jim Moore's card from the Ft. Myers Royals team set. The card is in pretty good shape. Is it crazy to think about sending it in to be graded?

Not only is Moore the Traveling Secretary, he's a Seasoned Veteran, too. It says so right on the back of the card. The card also describes itself as a photo fact card, but I only see the photo. I kind of feel cheated out of my fact.


  1. The only way I'd submit it for grading is if I knew I'd be able to see a picture of the expression on the grader's face when it comes out of the package. There are folks that do gradings occasionally at the local show, so maybe I should bring it and ask "Have you ever got one of these?"

    1. I agree. I imagine it would be one of the cards that the grader would take around the office and say, "Look what this nutjob just sent in!"

  2. Replies
    1. This card has got the it factor. Once you see it, you have to have it.