22 January 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 8: Josh Reddick Rainbow Hits

I picked up a couple of parallels for the Josh Reddick rainbows I am building. I got two different cards numbered out of # / 25 for the Bowman / Bowman Chrome rainbow. The Orange Refractor is from Bowman Chrome and is numbered # 23 / 25. The Red Ice parallel is from Bowman and is numbered # 09 / 25. They're both pretty nifty-looking cards.

I also got this Pink Topps Chrome Refractor for the Topps / Opening Day / Topps Mini / Topps Chrome Super Rainbow I've been working on. It is numbered # 2 / 5, making it one of the more rare cards in the rainbow. The pink color clashes wonderfully with all of the green and yellow on the card.


  1. Great looking cards! I love the Red Ice parallels. I'm jealous that you got the Pink Chrome parallel. i still haven't been able to find the Miguel Montero version for my son.

    1. I'm sure the Montero will show up eventually. I have an automatic search set up on eBay for each card or player I am looking for. Sometimes it will go weeks and weeks without a hit, but when they pop up I know right away.