24 January 2014

Check Out My Cards 3: Set Fillers and Player Collections

I got a few things from COMC as I put together an order to fill out my set of 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia. First up I decided to grab the last Opening Days Stars 3D card I needed from 2013 Topps Opening Day, Derek Jeter. I also grabbed the three cheapest Blue parallels they had in stock from my need list. I am now 79.09% done with the Blue set, with 174 / 220 cards in my binder. The last 46 cards feature a lot of big names, though, so the first 80% of the set is probably going to be easier than the last 20%. Opening Day isn't the kind of product that stays fresh for a long time, either, so there aren't as many big lots of this stuff up on eBay at $0.50/card as there were even a few months ago. There probably aren't a lot of case busters breaking Opening Day so they can sell those big hits out of it.

While I was there I did a quick search for R.A. Dickey to see what I didn't have already that could be purchased for a dollar or less. There's some decent stuff here, like a Museum Collection parallel numbered # 196 / 424, a Bowman Platinum Gold parallel, a Refractor and an Xfractor from Topps Finest, a Factory Set parallel from 2011 Topps, and a Dealing Aces insert that I may have a few copies of already from Gypsy Queen.

I also did the same thing for Josh Reddick. In the lower right corner you can see the other Dickey card I got, a Black Mini parallel from Allen & Ginter's. For Reddick I got a Gypsy Queen base card that I believe is a short print, a base card from Panini Triple Play, and a Day-Glo parallel from Archives.

Finally, I grabbed a few of the cards I needed from 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia. I got five base cards and two Memory Lane inserts.

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