30 January 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 40: So Very Close - Robin Yount and Manny Machado 2013 Topps Archives Gold

I picked up two of the last four cards I needed for the 2013 Topps Archives Gold parallel set. I thought that I had also purchased one of the final cards, Ken Griffey Jr., but the seller on Sportlots refunded my money a few days after I placed the order because he didn't have the card anymore. There was one on eBay last week, but I didn't want to pay the price the seller wanted for it. Now there are none on the market in the usual card collector haunts. I will keep searching.

First up is this Robin Yount numbered # 023 / 199. I guess that since 23 is Michael Jordan's jersey number, I could probably sell this at a premium as a L@@K eBay 1 / 1!!!!! Sick Gold REFRACTOR!!!

"What does Michael Jordan have to do with anything?" you might ask. He is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) and being associated with him in any way automatically adds value to something. Isn't that how eBay 1 / 1 cards work?

And next I have Manny Machado, looking like he wants to get out of there. Maybe the other baseball players are all eating Push-Up Pops and drinking Capri Suns while he was stuck at the end of the picture line because he was a rookie. His card is numbered # 69


/ 199. 

So, as of this writing I sit at 198 / 200 cards in the Gold parallel set, with Griffey and Sandberg still to track down. I don't know if I will want to do that kind of project again for a while. Who am I kidding? I already have a similar project going. I am a few cards short of finishing the 2013 Topps Opening Day Blue parallel set. I did have a lot of cards left to go and I originally typed out a long rant about how expensive they were on COMC, especially when compared to the Gold Archives parallels. Some of the cards in the Opening Day Blue set, which are numbered out of # / 2013, run parallel in price to the equivalent Archives Gold cards, which are presumably ten times more rare. The prices were pretty good on most of them on Sportlots, especially with some manipulation of shipping costs. Assuming all of those cards come through, I will have 4 cards left in that set.

I need to avoid starting any more parallel sets in the immediate future. I guess we'll see how much I like the Gold cards in 2014 Archives. I'm not nearly crazy enough to chase the new Silver parallels from that set, which are numbered out of # / 99.

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