23 January 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 38: Danica Patrick Cardboard, Metal, Rubber, Cloth, and Plastic

Danica Patrick stuff goes for ridiculous prices on eBay for the most part. A guy with a smaller budget can't usually be choosy when trying to pick up her cards. The same goes for Dale Earnhardt Jr. A strategy that seems to work okay is to throw out low bids on a number of auctions and hope that some of the ones with weird end times or bad pictures fall to you. That's what happened with these two cards. I have been trying to get a relic card from 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia for a while, as I like to build mini-sets of my favorite drivers so I have similar-looking cards for a couple of different drivers. I already had a Dale Earnhardt Jr. relic that I pulled from a box, so I wanted to match it up to a Patrick relic. I also will need to add a Tony Stewart at some point in the future.

Then I went and got one with 3 relic swatches. It is hard to read the number here, but I think it is numbered # 08 / 99. I kind of wish these cards had a little more going on as far as pictures of the cars and/or drivers. They look like the inner lining of a purse.

I don't know how this next card fell to me. I put in a lowball offer on it, and somehow when the dust settled I was still the winning bidder. It is a nice acetate card with most of the card being transparent. It is also a very low-numbered card, being # 03 / 13. I guess the lack of a relic or autograph makes this a less desirable card. Still, though, Danica's parallels usually sell for quite a premium. Even her base cards seem to go for as much as or more than inserts from other drivers. So this card was a big steal for me, and the plastic transparency gimmick is one that I like quite a bit. I wish there were more acetate cards on the market. The other thing that I like about this card is that they managed to fit both the car and the driver into the design without making it too crowded. The cars are sometimes just as popular as the drivers who pilot them.

This 2011 Eclipse Spellbound insert is one of those cards that I've been chasing for a while. When I broke open my box of 2011 Eclipse, I pulled Spellbound cards for both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart, so I had 2/3 of the trifecta already. I just needed this one to finish it out. There's even a little two-color action going on in the tire swatch.

And here's the latest from Danica Patrick and GoDaddy. Her (hopefully) digitally-altered cameo starts at about 8 seconds in:

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  1. Something VERY disturbing about the image of Danica in that commercial.