26 January 2014

Pack of the Day 59: 2013 Bowman Retail Box Break Pack 24

Here's the last pack of this box of cards. It doesn't really go out with a bang. It is kind of nice to get some A's and Astros in a pack, although I don't know if team collecting is really going to be my thing. I think Topps probably could have found a more flattering photo of Coco Crisp, one that doesn't make him look like E.T.

I don't even know what to say about the rest of these cards. They don't really do anything for me. This box wasn't very exciting and in the end I probably could have saved a lot of money by just buying the set from a case breaker on eBay, which is what I did after collating all the cards I'd purchased and figuring it would take another box or two of cards just to finish the set. Someone has to bust the packs, but in most cases it seems cheaper to buy sets and Player Collection cards as singles after someone else has already gambled on big hits in the packs.

1 comment:

  1. Pack opening is hard to resist but often leads to buyer's remorse. In my world anyway.