18 January 2014

Pack of the Day 50: 2013 Bowman Retail Box Break Pack 16

Here is pack 16 from my box of 2013 Bowman. After a couple of relatively weak packs we have a pack that is similarly weak, but features some players that I at least have some feelings about. I really should do something special for my 50th Pack of the Day post, but instead you get this rehash of a pack I opened several months ago.

If there were a card outside of R.A. Dickey and Josh Reddick from this set that I would collect a rainbow of from 2013 Bowman, it would probably be this Fernando Rodney card. I don't know much about his personality, but I kind of like his crooked hat. He also either really helps or really hurts a Fantasy Baseball team, depending on which Rodney shows up at the plate. If everyone started wearing their hats crooked like him, I would probably start to hate it, but I think I would still give him a free pass because it was his quirk first.

One person who would probably start a fight with him over his hat to protect the integrity of the game is Brian McCann. I am not a McCann fan, but he gets a pretty decent picture on his card in this set.

We get a little Astros love among the prospects in this pack, which is always a good thing in my book.

This pack contained a Hometown parallel of Bruce Rondon and a Gold parallel of Brandon Phillips.

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