26 January 2014

The Die is Cast 3: Danica Patrick 2013 Pink GoDaddy and 2011 Nationwide Tissot

I got a couple more Danica Patrick cars for my collection. This first one is the 2011 Nationwide Series Tissot #7 Elite car, numbered # 256 / 300. It was the cheapest Patrick Elite car on eBay at the time and featured a sponsor and color scheme I didn't already have.

edit: On 27 June 2015 my kids got into my collection and broke this car, so I don't have it anymore. Kids and collections don't mix!

edit 2: On 02 February 2017, I got the replacement for this car in the mail. It is # 249 / 300 in the production run. I'll try to keep this one away from the kids!

The other is the 2013 GoDaddy Pink #10 Elite car, which is numbered # 192 / 200. Lionel had some of the 2013 cars on sale with the pending 2014 releases on deck and I had a $20 credit on the site, so I got this one for a relative bargain. I like pink parallels in both cars and trading cards, so I was pretty happy to get this one.

There is still a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pink car I want to get, as well as an Orange Amp Energy car, but I don't see myself adding piles of new cars to the collection in the near future. They sure are a fun collectible, though.

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