21 January 2014

Pack of the Day 53: 2013 Bowman Retail Box Break Pack 19

I am entering the last quarter of the box now, so just under a week and I should have this series wrapped up, and only a few months overdue. Dan Haren probably has the best posed shot in this group, looking appropriately intimidating. He also manages to double up the logos on the front of the card, displaying his shoulder patch almost straight on to the camera.

Salvador Perez gets a nice shot here wearing his gear. Hamilton tries to display his patch a la Haren, but his is all tipped over and it ruins the effect. 


That Encinas dude looks like Keanu Reeves to me. David Wright is the Gold parallel, and I only just noticed that he is wearing a 'Los Mets' jersey.

We get a little bit of color in this pack, with a Blue Prospect Chrome Refractor of Michael Snyder, numbered # 160 / 250. I like getting shiny colorful parallels, but mostly they wind up collecting dust in a box somewhere with all the base cards and random inserts.

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