16 January 2014

Pack of the Day 48: 2013 Bowman Retail Box Break Pack 14

It has been almost three months since the last post detailing this box break. There is no real reason for me to continue the series except that I hate to leave it unfinished. I can't remember most of these cards, and I think I recall just buying a base set online anyway after considering how much more wax I might have to break to complete the set.

Here are the four base cards. I have absolutely nothing to say about these. Santana's uniform does a nice job of breaking up all the red in this scan. Cloyd has a big hat.

Here are the two prospect cards and the two prospect Chrome cards. There is a lot more variety here when it comes to card and uniform colors. I especially like the yellow and black on the Pirates prospect.

The Gold parallel for this pack is a decent pull, Billy Butler of the Royals. This card really saves the pack, as there wasn't a lot going on here. This would have been a disappointing $3 spent at Target.

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