19 August 2013

At the Trade Deadline 4: Dawgbones, A Phillies Phan, Shows Me How It's Done

I recently received a trade package from Dawgbones of the Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan! blog. The initial agreement centered around a few of my 2013 Topps Opening Day cards for a few of his cards from the same set. If I recall right, I merely kept up my end of the agreement, while his package overwhelmed me with cards for the Opening Day set as well as Player and Team Collections, along with some other inclusions.

First up were quite a few of the cards I was missing from various Opening Day insert sets. It looks like he sent a few cards from each set, which really cut down on the number of cards I have left to acquire from the set.

He also included some of the Blue Foil parallels for the set I am trying to put together of those. I am especially fond of the Matt Harvey and A.J. Burnett cards, and the Huston Street card features those nice camouflage Padres uniforms.

Then things got crazy. He included a bunch of Max Scherzer cards from various sets, a sprinkling of Andrew McCutchen, some popular Astros from the past few years, and a Roy Halladay card, which I think was some sort of subversive attempt to convert me to his particular brand of fandom (more on that topic a little later).

He also included a Diana Taurasi card from Allen & Ginter's. I haven't tracked the WNBA much since the Houston Comets folded a few years back, but it's an interesting addition to my collection. I may drop in and take a look at what that league is up to these days.

He also included a Lance Berkman Fathead, which is quite large.

A couple of Padres pitchers...

...and more subversive attempts to make me a Phillies fan, in the form of a whole page of Ricky Jordan, followed by...

...eight more Ricky Jordan cards.

And he also included this little guy with a note asking for help to find the Biebs a home. Unfortunately, I do not have room in my binders for him, so he will have to continue his travels. I will, however, attempt to offset his loneliness by sending a companion out on the next leg of his journey.

Also included were some of these little rubber band things. I think the kids call them Silly Bandz. I spent a rather large amount of time trying to get the star to fit inside of the base, but it was not meant to be.

That was a massive package with stuff from all across the spectrum. I greatly appreciate all of the additions to my various collections and the cards that filled so many spots in my Opening Day binder. I will have to keep an eye out for cards I can use to pay this generosity forward.

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  1. Congratulations, you've been Bipped!! or mayhaps cause they're Ricky Jordans, it's a Phipping!! (and be glad! I've been organizing my Phillies cards this week and did find a few more Jordans in there!!)

    Glad you liked the Camo (figured you might) and Mr. Halladay fits your #34 collection even though he's a Phillie!

    Glad you caught the humor in the Bieber!! Hope he finds home!! and I'm glad you enjoy the rest of the cards as well. And please do pay it forward.