09 August 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 2: Instant Nolan Ryan Player Collection

So I ordered a card that I haven't featured here yet, but I noticed that the seller had a couple lots of Nolan Ryan cards for a couple of dollars each. With shipping I may have skipped over them, but with combined shipping I thought it was worth it. I have owned many of these cards before, but most of my early cards have been lost to the ages.

First up is a set done by Pacific for McCormick, showcasing the highlights of Ryan's career. I just noticed that I scanned my four-card groups backward, but I can live with it. If you can't live with it, I guess you'll have to close your browser tab. After the title card, there are seven cards featuring his career no-hitters.

Up next are various strikeout milestones and the strikeout that broke the previous record.

Finally, we have a few cards highlighting games won milestones, what was at the time the fastest pitch ever recorded, and a card hailing Ryan as a Texas Legend.

The front card reminds us to look on the back for a valuable coupon, good for $0.55 off Hot Shot Black and Red Pepper Blend. Unfortunately for all you bargain shoppers, this coupon expired the month after I turned 12 years old. Perhaps when I get my time machine I can remember to take this coupon with me and get my money's worth.

The other lot features a bunch of base card issues from Ryan's career. I recognize some of the mainstream issues, but the ones I owned most of from this lot are the cereal cards. I would save up my UPCs and send them off for whatever the cereal boxes offered in exchange.

I love those old Astros uniforms. A lot of people make fun of them or claim that they are hideous, but I would rock a Ryan jersey in any of these colors, and a track jacket and matching pants. If they made rainbow-era Astros shoes, I would wear those.

This is not Astros or Nolan Ryan related, but I love shoes. I have three different recent pairs of shoes Nike did commemorating Bo Jackson's career. I've got some brown leather baseball glove ones, some Kansas City Royals blue ones, and some silver and black Raiders ones, all festooned with Bo Jackson's name, jersey number, and career highlights.

Anyway, this was a pretty good lot of cards to jump-start the rebirth of my Nolan Ryan player collection.

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