01 August 2013

Pack of the Day 4: 2013 Panini Golden Age

I was curious about this product, so I grabbed a pack of it last time I was at the local card shop. In my opinion Golden Age falls into the same sort of niche as Goodwin Champions, but I have to say I like the design of Golden Age a lot better than the design of Goodwin.

The pack came with four base cards. The Stan Lee card is my second card of him, as I pulled a Stan Lee out of my Goodwin blaster box, too. I am an avid comic book collector and a Marvel fanboy (my sons are named after The Thing, Hulk, and Wolverine), so I may as well start a Stan Lee player collection. There seems to be a decent variety of subjects in the set. In this pack I got an American President, a baseball player, a race car driver, and a comic book pioneer.

The card backs have a little blurb about the person on the front of the card, with an elaborate border.

I think the Three Stooges set comes one card per box, and each card features a different Stooges film. I am not a big Stooges fan, but I think this insert fits into the theme of the set.

Finally, I got a mini card of Henry Fonda. I am not a big fan of the Fonda name, mostly because of the controversy surrounding Jane Fonda and her behavior toward the military, but I don't know that Henry Fonda had anything to do with that.

Overall I like the design of this product, especially compared to Goodwin Champions. I was pretty happy to get the Stan Lee card, even though the rest of the pack wasn't all that exciting. I would probably grab another pack or two of this set in the future.


  1. I may have to try and chase down those Three Stooges cards.

    1. I can set this one aside for you, to be included in some future shipment.