08 August 2013

Pack(s) of the Day 7: 4 Packs of 2013 Bowman Baseball

Previously I stated that I was confused by Bowman. I will discuss this in a later post, but Bowman baseball is not nearly so confusing as Bowman Platinum Baseball, which is a product I will refuse to buy unless there is no other option. I am pretty sure there will always be another option.
Anyway, I grabbed four of my 2013 Bowman Baseball packs off the desk and took a look to see what was inside. First up we've got some base cards. The Pirates have a surprising number of players that I like, including Mr. McCutchen there. The Royals also have a large number of players that I like, but they tend to underachieve. Moustakas looks like he's got a bit of a mullet going on there, bonus points for the luscious curls, so he gets included in the post. Then we have a couple of good pitchers, including King Felix.

There is one thing I really need to call attention to in this batch of gold parallels, and that is the unfortunate placement of the dangling Red Sox logo on Ortiz' card front. I'm guessing the face he's making has to do with the split in his pants letting his dirty laundry hang out in the breeze. Then we have Werth's beard/hair bifecta and a couple of other guys you may have heard of. But really, am I the only juvenile on the internet who noticed Ortiz' Red Sox?

In this batch of packs I got a couple of mini-Refractors, Wil Myers, who I have heard of, and Carlos Martinez, who I have not heard of. Also a hometown parallel of Atlanta closer Craig Kimbrel. Fancy stuff, but not as fancy as...

...Gold Refractor parallels! This is a highly-touted 3B prospect in the Rays' system who is blocked by the Rays having someone pretty good at 3B already on the big club. I did some reading up on him and it would appear that he has a pretty good bat and suspect defensive skills. At least I think he was the guy I read up on.

He has a tenuous Houston connection, having moved high schools to receive coaching from Craig Biggio. Who says you can't learn things from the back of baseball cards? It's numbered out of 50 and is very shiny.

In looking at this product over the course of a few packs, I kind of like it. The variety of cards in a pack is appealing, and the base sets seem like they could be put together without a lot of trouble. The subjective part of this is that I seem to pull a decent hit every few packs, and even the common hits are shiny enough that it feels like a victory to pull them. And it's easy to tell the Refractors from the base cards, unlike with a certain product called Bowman Platinum. I may have pulled some decent stuff from Platinum, but I can't tell because it all looks alike.

But getting back to Bowman. At first this product confused me. Now I really like it. I've got a pretty good start on a base set and I may just keep picking up packs until I fill it most of the way out. I may even add the missing cards to my set needs list. We'll see. The base cards are pretty good, and the inserts are apparently infused with addictive chemicals that make you crave them fortnightly.

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