29 August 2013

Pack of the Day 15: 2013 Bowman Baseball Retail Box Pack 5

Continuing the 2013 Bowman Retail box break, we've got another bunch of cards. First up is the usual four veteran cards from the base set. Not much of note going on here, but pitching apparently makes Barry Zito want to cry. Sad Zito is sad. Maybe he is feeling left out because the bullpen is having an ice cream social and he is stuck out there working on the mound. 

For our prospects we get the All-Derp Team, with Mondesi and Medrano both showing a lot of teeth while doing baseball things. We get a couple of Chrome cards in every pack, too, unless there is an insert. If there is an insert we might get one Chrome card and an extra regular card. If there isn't an insert then we just get nine cards. I know I am beating a dead horse, but why are there only nine cards in the packs without an insert when the small print on the pack tells us there are ten cards per pack, but there might be fewer if you get certain inserts? Bowman is lost in backwards land, I think. Also, the Chrome cards are technically considered a parallel, but I am treating them as part of the base set and collecting them as such. So there. It's my collection and I can do what I want with it.

Since there is an insert in this pack, I got the promised ten cards. The Hometown parallel is pretty neat, with the flag of the player's home state/country serving as a background. If I didn't have enough set collections going already I would consider chasing it, but I am not going to. The team logos on crotches theme that this set has going on is really distracting to me. David Ortiz' dangling Red Sox are the worst so far, but they're not the only culprits. A Brandon Beachy Gold parallel rounds out Pack 5.

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