07 August 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 1: Gypsy Queen

I mentioned in my trade post that I had also purchased a couple of items on eBay from Chris over at Nachos Grande. He posted on his blog asking for people to bid on his auctions to assist in paying off a case of Allen & Ginter he has on order. I threw in a couple of bids on the four cards shown above, hoping to assist in the cause. Unfortunately for him, my bids were as far as things went on these cards, and rather than helping a fellow blogger I unintentionally committed highway robbery. I have flirted with the idea of putting together a full set of the blue paper-framed parallels, as there aren't that many cards to acquire and there is a fair-sized print run, unlike the blue sparkle parallel for Opening Day (big set) and the gold parallel for Topps Archives (big set and low print run). I guess I just really like blue-bordered cards. The relic and the autograph feature a really good beard and an almost-there beard, so they will fit nicely into my beard and mustache mini-collection in whatever form that takes when I get around to sorting the pile of cards all over my desk.

If my math is right, I helped to fund 2.77 out of 288 packs or 22.15 out of 2304 cards. So I feel a little bit of guilt over it, and I hope that we can still be friends. I suppose I could choose to blame all of the other eBay bidders who chose not to battle me in the bidding arena, but my tendency toward self-loathing leads me to blame myself fully. I hope that my 2.77 packs yield a nice low-numbered insert or key part of a player collection. 

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